Our Mission

Matthew 28: 19-20


After our retirement in Oklahoma fifteen years ago, we began working in several ministries in our local church. Jim started taking bible classes and was ordained. Earlier the Lord had directed us into home missions -- beginning with the downtown street ministry and then to the mission field of Central America. We took short-term trips to Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, and the Philippines. Again and again our hearts were drawn back to Honduras. In 1997 we settled in the town of La Ceiba on the northern coast of Honduras where we lived until May 2009. We now reside in the US with ministry at home and trips to other locations for short term ministry as God directs us.


Continue to help the ministries we worked with during our twelve years in Honduras as listed below –as contributions come to us. To work with our local churches doing teaching, counseling and one on one ministry as requested. To help support other ministries in the world as we become acquainted with them and their leaders. To travel and minister in other mission fields as God directs.


We are working closely with a Christian Boy's Orphanage -- Niños de la Luz (Children of the light) to help them expand their compound facilities. In 2005 a chapel / church was completed near the entrance of their property. In 2006 a kitchen and cafeteria was completed for the meals of the children, staff, groups that come to work at the project, as well as visiting ministers and ministry teams. A new elementary school opened in February 2008 (The school year runs February-November). We are currently helping them, along with other missionaries, to complete a new forty (40) bed dorm in order to receive more boys – projected finish date is 2012/13.

Financially helping the Children's Good News Express Ministry who go into public schools and teach the Good News of the Gospel! Our Spanish is not good enough to teach during these classes but we help by providing funds to further this work as God sends offerings to our ministry. Many salvations have come during these classes -- students of all ages as well as teachers and administrators. Most of these people do not attend church so CGNE goes to them!


As funds become available....

Continue to assist the Boy’s Orphanage in areas of housing, food, vitamins, clothing, education, transportation and building more facilities on their property in order to house more boys.

Continue to assist the ministries previously mentioned with contributions on a regular basis.

Work in any mission field that God directs us as well as continue in our local churches and various stateside ministries.