Spring and Summer 2014

It’s spring once again and quickly moving into summer and here is what is going on with the Wilsons and New Beginning Mission. As of this time the things we have talked to you about in Honduras have not improved –at least not in the area of political situations and uncertainty of daily life. HOWEVER, our ministries there are reporting that God is still on the throne and their people are being blessed coming and going. The ones that remain are there with God’s grace and they continue to go about their daily lives like they always have with of course a few extra precautions. Here is an update on where our ministry has been able to help financially:

Boy’s - Orphanage Honduras

The school is in session and running smoothly. Just a few plumbing and sewer problems on the complex but we are believing with them for funds and quick repairs to be made. Part of their compound remains workable so that is a blessing. We will keep you posted on progress but request your prayers for an increase in support and general funds.

India Girls and Widows Home

Our friends in India report heavy persecution on Christians and their families – especially pastors. Many pastors are taken to prison for preaching the word. This ministry supports as many families left behind as possible while maintaining their own school and home. Always a need for support and prayer!

McDowell Ministry – Africa

This ministry has a school for pastors and after graduation they go out into the villages and towns to start churches. They have recently been able to buy new computers for the classroom which has been a great asset to the students in their training. This ministry is growing and always has students wanting to come an receive their degree in ministry and be ordained. It's exciting to see the next generation of pastors moving out!

Healing Hands Global

Our friends in Honduras with the jungle hospital and outreach are always growing and expanding because the need for medical and dental assistance is always increasing! Best part is that with this group they not only receive the medical assistance but first and foremost the word of god for spiritual help and encouragement!

Children’s Good News Express

Our missionary friends there report being in some heavily persecuted areas for evangelism and training. God’s grace went before them and made their way straight. They had no problems while ministering! They currently have a program going into public schools, traveling evangelism,and their own church.

We covet your prayers and support for any area that God lays on your hearts as we continue to support them from the offerings that come to us.

Thank you once again as always for your continuing prayer coverage of our ministry as we ALL work together with God!! – making ALL of us a vital part of God’s global work around the world!


Jim and Sharon Wilson