Fall and Winter 2017

We want to give you an update as we move to the end of 2017!! This is a busy season and everyone receives a lot of mail so we want to be brief, and highlight the countries we have been involved with during the entire year.

Honduras - 3 areas

Boy's orphanage - They now have 18 boys and a school: 9 boys in elementary school and 9 in middle or high school. A school with all grades and subjects including trade and computer classes.

Medical and Dental Clinic and Hospital - They continue to see patients in the village and mountain areas who receive no help anywhere else because of travel limitations.

Children's ministry in public schools and a church for them - This ministry continues to grow as the population increases, and children come and receive Christ and are filled with the Holy Spirit.

India - 2 areas

Girl's home and full school and a widow's home for the very poorest who have no other means of survival. Churches and schools in other parts of India as well as evangelism. We personally know and work with two missionaries in these endeavors.

Africa - 2 areas

Pastor's training school for college degrees and ordination - sending pastors from all over many areas into other areas to begin churches. A second African ministry also for field evangelism and ministry where groups of younger men and women walk into unreached villages where no missionary has been before.


A young couple dedicated to working with street gangs and unreached teenagers and young adults doing evangelism on a level to reach them fantastic blessed results and growing number of converts.


Young man ministering to the elderly and the sick. We know of this ministry through another local missionary here in McLoud and believe this to be a God called work.

As you can see we personally know the people in these ministries or people we have worked with and known many years. All the offerings we send are received in the US and sent directly to the field.

These are yet again just a few of the ministries God has blessed us to be a part of over the years. And while our hearts remain in the foreign field our direction from the Lord is to remain and support from home. Thank you all for your love and prayers and financial support as God leads you in any of these areas.

We do want to mention that our ministry is a 501c3 and anything you give we will provide you with a tax giving statement for the IRS... as you request. Please give as God directs you and ear mark the area you want to receive help. And KNOW that every penny you send will go to that ministry with nothing taken out.

We now want to say from the two of us to you and your family - we send you a special greeting for a blessed Christmas and coming new year!!

Jim and Sharon Wilson - New Beginning Mission - P. O. Box 324 - Tecumseh, Oklahoma 74873