Fall and Winter 2016

If it seems like awhile since you saw any news from New Beginning Mission—it has been! We want to catch you up briefly. Believing all is well with everyone and as we all enjoy this mild fall weather we can watch the fall colors and remember to thank God for the beauty that surrounds us each and every season!

During the past year we have continued to support the following ministries and missionaries as contributions come to us. Hard to believe but we are now preparing to send offerings for our 2 orphanages and 1 children’s ministry for Christmas! God has blessed us and we can help 3 places this year instead of just one.

Heart for Children – Honduras

This is our first boy’s home and they continue to grow as staff becomes available as well as teachers for the school. There are 26 boys currently and graduates each year. The home is proud to present 2 college graduations that came there as small children 20 years ago and now have college degrees. We have shared some in the past – one is now the administrative assistant and one a lawyer who will help them in legal matters in the coming years. We praise God that he has allowed us to partner with them!

Healing Hands Global – Honduras

The jungle hospital has grown now and houses a dental clinic as well as a labor and delivery wing – they bless many people in surrounding villages who would otherwise not receive medical care. We are also proud to have partnered with them 15 years since this ministry began! We ask your prayer agreement for them to grow and add more facilities to serve more people as they foremost share the gospel of Jesus with them!

Children’s Good News Express –Honduras

This is our ministry that goes into public schools and churches around Honduras as well as have their own large church with an emphasis on children and teens. There is much teaching and evangelism on a continuous basis as their young adults lead groups. Pray with us that God will provide their many needs during the coming new year.

Right Hand Ministries – India

We were honored to meet with Dan.. the director of this large ministry when he was here this year to raise support and visit family – we had lunch with him and were able to ask questions and get a really good visual in our minds of the ministry. They have a girl’s home and finishing one for boys – along with much outreach to widows and elderly people in surrounding areas. A tailoring shop is opening to teach sewing as a way to be self sufficient. It’s very dangerous there because of the persecution of Christians – they need constant prayer covering for the safety of everyone in their care…please pray with us!


We have 2 beloved ministries in Africa – Stetson Wheat with Overland Missions – a young man who is preparing to live and work there as he trains young men and women to evangelize and adjust to the culture – they walk many miles to villages’ previously not receiving any ministry. AND McDowell Ministries in Africa who have a school to train pastors and leaders to go out and begin churches. Both these are doing wonderful work and God is truly blessing them as they grow rapidly.

As always we thank each of you that support God’s ministry through us and pray that you always remember …. YOU ARE a vital part of what goes on in many parts of the world to farther the Kingdom!!!!

Blessings and Shalom,

Jim and Sharon Wilson – New Beginning Mission – P. O. Box 324 – Tecumseh, Oklahoma 74873