Fall and Winter 2014

It seems that Fall was short and Winter literally blew in! We want to always remember to thank God for all seasons – even though we often seem to prefer one over the other!! Here is what is going on with New Beginning Mission and where we have been able to contribute during this past year:

Boy’s Orphanage – Honduras

The school year in Honduras is coming to a close. The orphanage school has all 6 grades now.  The new school year will begin in mid-February.  They request prayer for godly teachers to come since every year brings changes in staff.  The new dorm is in use but still in need of a few furniture items as well as beds, linens and pictures for the walls – so that it seems more like home.  This is the only home many of these boys have ever known.  There are 24 boys now and 3 of those have graduated and are attending universities.  Their chosen professions will be law, business and psychology.   Please pray for the boys, the directors and all of the staff and for an increase in contributions to the orphanage. 

Healing Hands Global – Honduras 

We have recently visited by email with the Doctor’s wife.  Their clinic and hospital is growing as are the number of patients that come from all the surrounding villages.  The past few months have seen a labor and delivery wing added and a new surgical area – both much needed things!  Doctors, nurses and helpers come continually from the U.S. to assist in the medical needs as well as the construction.  Pray for God to continue to bless all that they set their hands too.

India Girls and Widows Home 

Always orphan girls and widows with no place to live – this ministry is continually growing and adding on as quickly as they can.  A boy’s center was also started.  Christians are persecuted and pastors sent to prison leaving families with no support.  Other children come to them when parents are too poor to take care of them or drugs and disease have killed them.  Contributions always needed! 

McDowell Ministries -- Africa 

The ministry school is graduating new pastors each year.  The directors, who live here in Oklahoma when they are home, are adding a small apartment to the school because they lost their rental home.  Many students come from far and wide to receive training and go out as new pastors – a wonderful ministry – please pray for them and for all the students coming in and the graduates!

Children’s Good News Express --Honduras 

Our missionary friends report there is still much persecution in the areas where they go to teach students and do evangelism. They trust God’s grace to be with them and smooth their path. They continue to minister in public schools and go out for evangelism and hold services in their own church. Pray for God’s wisdom and continuing protection for them and all their team.

We also continue to support ministries in other countries and here at home as God brings offerings to our ministry. In 2013 we were able to give $27,000 and we give God all the glory!! Please continue to pray for us to have wisdom and remain in God’s will for the ministry. Thank you all for your prayers and support! As we all work together for God we appreciate each and every one of you!


Jim and Sharon Wilson